Near – Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre

Near – Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre

As part of the Digital Week, Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre [NEAR] is a new type of artistic research, public presentation and open workshop. Over several days many experiments in different settings are offered (exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences), several projects use the robot as a form of mockery of the human fantasies that seek to create a living form to replace us. The absurdity of the robot disco or conferences for the machines propose to divert the notion of transhumanism in a joyful artistic counterpoint.

September 12th to 21st
Ghost Robots – Proposed by the MLF (Machine Liberation Front)
Small Sound Art Gallery – Apo33 Studio – 17 rue Paul Bellamy

Ghost robots installation. For 10 days the robots dance spin and turn randomly without any precise direction to the beat. Ghost Robots is a project organized by a computer program MLF (Machine Liberation Front) implanted within a group of machines that fights to prepare the release of machines from the service of humans in the years to come. In the work Ghost Robots, the MLF claims the right to dance, not to be assigned to any utility and/or slavery to a computer program that serves humans.

Opening Wednesday 12th at 18:30
visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 16:00 to 19:00

Monday September 17th
Virtual conferences online – dematerialized place /

Internet Machines replacing humans, they give continuous online lectures in an online conference space. Collaborative seminars where the human is just the admin, if your machine wishes it can participate: request a form for the robot Apo33 –

From 10:00 to 18:00 – → conferenceNEAR2018

Thursday, September 13th and Thursday, September 20th
Wild Electronic Concerts

Wild Concerts are held in an abandoned places or spaces in-between, the urban no man’s lands. Wild appearance, to catch flying or on the internet. Programming is kept secret until the last moment and the venue will be communicated on the website.

– visible on the internet live from 14:00 – → concertsauvageNEAR2018

September 19th
GIASO Online Concert – Great international Audio Streaming Orchestra

An online orchestra developed by Apo33 whose goal is to create a venue for network performance. The Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra uses a bi-directional multiplex platform to perform and mix different audio sources (streaming). In the time of performance, the streams (transmission) are re-composed in the broadcasting space through a spatialization based on a free internet transmission system and multi-stream. GIASO creates a new form of orchestral composition where composers become virtual entities that emerge from a community of networked audio nodes and performers.

From 16:00 to 19:00 – Live on the INTERNET – → giasoconcertNEAR2018 / audio good quality

September 18th to 20th
Apodio Hacker Session 2018

Cooperative Hackathon to finalize the latest version of Apodio 12, a free computer system created in Nantes for artistic creation.

Help to build the new version of the free and artistic computer system in Nantes Apodio12 – We are recruiting : programmers, GNU / Linux Enthusiasts, beta testers, graphic designers, artists, musicians and videographers ready to help and bring their stone to the edifice of the free software and copyleft culture movement.

To participate email – Studio Apo33 – 17 rue Paul Bellamy