Orgone – Percussion ensemble plays a piece for gongs and tamtams at – Himalaya électrique

Experimental gongs – Contemporary percussion ensemble (Nantes/ APO-33)

Orgone is an ensemble for contemporary percussion in Nantes and the region. Orgone is a hyperthetical energy discovered by the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and recovery in several books of the beat poet William Burroughs. It is for Orgone to create a space dedicated to the interpretation of contemporary percussion pieces at the limit of the genre. There is no indication of the level required of percussionists but rather to have an interest in playing with a group in experimental percussion and being prepared to interpret graphic scores or follow a direction often with game mode specifics.

Proposed by Le Filtre à Sons and Sauvagerie Prod

Espace Cosmopolis – Passage Graslin, 18 rue Scribe, Nantes
29 June – 19:00 – prix libre