Kevin Cardesa Exhibition – March 14 to 31, 2018

The Little Sound Art Gallery presents: Kevin Cardesa

“It’s through installation, sound experiments or drawing that I intend to reveal spaces.

This work of in-situ “capture” manifests a desire to make heard and see present phenomena, but inaccessible because of the limits of human perception.

Oscillating between electronic lutherie and minimal sculpture, these revelations show themselves and listen as much sensitively as they are ironic, like a questioning about man and his relation to technology and the machine. I am particularly interested in noise as sound and sculptural material because it seems to me immanent to the question of space. Of a random nature, these installations take a simple pace, in opposition to the complexity of this matter “.

Opening on Wednesday, March 14 at 18:30

Visit from Thursday to Saturday from 16:30 to 19:30


Petite Galerie d’art sonore, Apo33, 17 rue Paul Bellamy.