Où est papa ? Saturday 16th december

A Christmas unlike any other

Day from 13p.m to 18p.m – public opening

Performance and concert at 8p.m


PCP artists open their workshops for the occasion.

→ Gabriel Vogel installation, sound and mechanical installation (to be confirmed)
→ Jenny Pickett – Deaf to men, Mobile Sound Installation
→ Tranzion – Cure Yourself II
→ Ghost Theta (Games, Brainwaves, Sound Art and Robot) –


→ Enerzion (bending circuit & electronic noise Nantes)
→ Jenny Pickett (live Modular synthesizer, Nantes / UK)
→ Anne-Sophie Le Creurer (Sound Collage, Nantes / St Nazaire)
→ cambia solo (experimental hiphop, Nantes)
→ Formanex (Contemporary electronic music, Nantes / St Nazaire) (to be confirmed)
→ -Kevin Cardesa solo (guitar solo, electronics, St Nazaire) (to be confirmed)
→ DJ Ouepapa (from here and elsewhere, offbeat Christmas music and sub-mix)
Exhibition and opening of workshops from 13p.m to 18p.m, performance and concert at 8a.m

Pcp, St Nazaire, free admission