Workshop Sonic Pi + Raspberry

Workshop Sonic Pi + Raspberry

Sonic Pi: Live & Coding, a ground breaking digital research and development project, has been working intensively with Sonic Pi and looking at how the program can be used to provide new pathways for young people into digital music. The research-centred process involved a delivery team of instrumental music teachers, school music and computing teachers, researchers, technologists and artists who worked with children at two secondary schools (KS3) and a five day summer school to explore the creative potential of Sonic Pi and test and develop resources.


Sonic Pi, a tool for creating music by writing code, enables users to define their own sounds, rhythm and tone and alter parameters and values whilst playing (live coding).


Workshop schedule:

– Assembly of a microcomputer raspberry-Pi
– Discovery of raspbian (computer system of raspberry)
– The Sonic-Pi software
– Construction of a live-coding performance


From 10 am to 6 pm
Price: 25 € (full price) / 15 € (students) / 10 € (Apo33 members)
Registration at
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