Concert Intime #10 : Léo Dupleix & Tristan Ikorr

Léo Dupleix: Improvisation on the end of instruments and the abstraction of gesture – France & Russia.

Léo Dupleix :

Born in Paris (1988), graduated from Brussel Royal Conservatory (master degree in piano Jazz). Lived in Japan for a year, and is now based in Paris.
Léo Dupleix is an electronic musician, piano player, mainly working in the improvised and experimental fields. He uses,computer, contact microphones, speakers, electronic devices, Pianet (electric piano from the 70’s), synthesizers, field recordings, to create his music.
He is interested in non-idiomatic (and sometimes idiomatic) improvisation, and composition, mainly electro-acoustic (but also for acoustic instruments).

Tristan Ikor :
After a classical training in saxophone and percussion at the Conservatoire of Paris, and Montpellier, Tristan Ikor chose to develop his own musical universe as an autodidact. Wether as a composer, performer or improviser, he always favors breaking down the barriers of styles and practices.


Julien Mérieau, Die Neue Fotografie – 1991/2016

Apo33studio. 17 rue Paul Bellamy. Nantes

7pm –  3€