Puredata Day : Software for multimedia & interactive creation

Saturday 28th of January

Pure Data (often abbreviated by Pd) is an interactive multimedia creation software commonly used in the artistic, scientific and educational fields. Its popularity lies in particular in its ease of use. Rather than a textual programming language Pure Data offers a graphical programming environment in which the user is invited to manipulate icons representing features and connect them together.

A one day workshop introducing this amazing free software and all its possibilities: building musical instruments, interactive system, video manipulation tools, streaming 3d … etc.

-introduction to the software
-construction of tools adapted to each participants’ projects
-introduction of interactive hardware linking with Pure Data: Arduino, Raspberry, kinect, wiimote … etc.

Time : 10h à 18h

Place : Apo33Studio – 17 rue Paul Bellamy 44000 Nantes

25€ (non members), 15€ (students & precarious) et 10€ (members) the day

sign up at orga@apo33.org