Carte Blanche : Arturo Gervasoni

Thursday 24 November 20:30

Carte Blanche : Arturo Gervasoni (compositeur)

Arturo Gervasoni is an Argentine composer who lives in the Nantes region. His writing draws from literary sources (JL Borges, A. Manguel, O. Girondo …) which he adopts as a guide where he finds both a freedom and a musical perspective. A significant portion from his catalog is dedicated to a pedagogical repertoire: works for children and works that include his creative process on the concept of “instrumental gesture” and the confrontation between motor skills and instrumental possibility.

With students and teachers of the l’École municipale de Musique de la ville de Rezé.


Free entrance

Plateforme Intermédia (Apo33), la Fabrique – 4 Boulevard Léon Bureau, Nantes