Carte Blanche : Sylvie Noel

Sylvie Noel creates sounds, receiving, exploring, sculpting and mixing the acoustic and electroacoustic sources; she is also a composer.
Related to a specific environment, her phonographies or installations are seen on site as postcards, sonic viewpoints inviting the audience to devise some form of re-reading or interpretation of the site, be they gardens, parks, chapels, museums, culture clubs, former industrial sites, factories…
Particularly sensitive to the paths of Lives, she alternately uses voices and sound recordings to tell tales or to deliver stories, anecdotes, feelings, forebodings, and to convey marvels, indignations.
Her personal testimonies resort to an enlightenment of intimacies and personal or professional lives, short-lived staged instants for the audience to hear, through evasive sound vibrations.
Being abstract, her music turn sounds into subtle and living matter, ending into hybrid sonic spinoffs.
She loves exploring and mingling different artistic forms such as plastic arts, dance, sculpture, photography, video, lights, design … as many elements tapped to enhance and spatialize sound and visual, living and luminous phenomena.


After studying music for a few hears at Music Conservatoires in Amiens (80), Aubervilliers-la-Courneuve (93) and Toulon (83), specializing in piano, musical training and chamber music, she completed her training with the pedagogy of music at the Training Centre of Professional Musicians in Aix-en-Provence (13), graduating with a DUMI. While discovering the universe of electroacoustics in the Aix-en-Provence Training Centre with Jacques Diennet, she developed drafts for compositions with François Faber in Dieppe (76).
Besides, she participated in and became conversant with reflexions around IT-based pedagogies.

Professional experience

Sylvie Noel taught the piano and musical training from 1990 through to 1997 in the Music Schools of Ailly-sur-Somme (80), Saint-Leu in Amiens (80), Ermont (95) and the Sivom of Cavalaire-sur-mer, Cogolin, Sainte-Maxime (83).
In 1999, after graduating from the Aix-en-Provence CFMI, she was appointed ‘Musicienne Intervenante’ (performing musician) at the Dieppe ‘Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Musique’ in the new project “Music at School”, being also involved as assistant and pedagogy trainer at La Grande Fabrique, a multimedia creation studio. After over ten years of various professional activities, she is now busy developing meetings, projects, artistic and professional exchanges. She is currently a Music Teacher at the Saint-Nazaire (44) ‘Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental’.