Research week : Thêta Fantômes

Thêta Fantomes is a multimedia spectacle crossing gaming (video), arti and novice scientific research in the field of neuroscience.

Since 1997 APO33’s artistic research develops has addressed new practices at the cutting edge of digital genres with a particular interest in networked performances, using robotics, networks, web transfer, interactive and immersive installation or performance …), Theta Fantômes is an artistic creation resulting from our current research with networking EEG interfaces as a way of controlling space, light and sound.
We propose with Theta Fantômes to remove the performer from the “physical” game situation and use brain waves instead of material manipulations to produce sound and visual interaction. Thêta Fantomes asks of the performer (or player), which may be a member of the public, a certain level of concentration in order to control the sound and visual composition of Thêta Fantomes.

Thêta Fantomes is currently in the production phase and will start public testing in April 2016. The project is funded by – DICAM, DRAC Pays de la Loire art, technologies et environnement sonore – 2016

Practical Information:

Open session with the public Saturday 7th May at 19:00

Plateforme Intermdia / La Fabrique, 2 boulevard Léon Bureau

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