Carte Blanche : Krypt’Art


The artistic encounter between Julien Le Tallec and Carine Léquyer in Krypt’Art (association operating as an artistic laboratory for sound experiments, inspired by nature and environmental themes) which has its origins in a series of audiovisual musings (installations, performances, film shows) that combine figurative, abstraction and music. All three will be presented in this Carte Blanche :

The hive: Video installation. A poetic attempt to evoke the social organization of a hive, its announced disappearance or its possible survival, an ode to the infinitely small.

The tree: Live video projection with electric guitar and harp. Immersive trajectory, audio and visual interpretation of the tree as the axis of a world, a voyage between earth and sky

Landscape: Video installation.

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Free entry

Thursday, May 12 at 7pm (19:00) Intermedia Platform / La Fabrique 2 boulevard Léon Bureau, Nantes

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