APO33 workshop & presentation @ Alternatiba – Nantes

Apo33 will be present at place of Bouffay on Sunday, September 20, 2015 for Alternatiba – Alternative Village – to present its research, workshops and projects on issues of recycling and sound ecology.

-lengthen the lifetime of your computer (system gnu / linux) –
to avoid the overproduction of digital objects – overproduction + consumption + power consumption and the entire industry and transport that goes along with it = contributes to the pollution of our planet = global warming.

– artistic creation using renewable energies –
example: creation of solar insects: http://apo33.org/noise/doku.php?id=bio_eco_creation – showing that other approaches to artistic creation exist : taking into account climate change and pollution through the use of renewable energy.


– listening to the sounds of nature, promotion of acoustic ecology –
to highlight listening to our plant and animal worlds in order to better understand and preserve it, inproving awareness of the small and the invisible life around us.
This is the kind of sounds we collect, ant sounds, sounds of trees, underwater listening, bats and the sound of stars etc … : http://fibrrrecords.net/doku.php?id=open_recordings

– recycling of digital waste to construct bricks, builing materials! –
This is a new project we are working, to stop sending our garbage to Africa or Asia! re-use the e-waste to build our houses or other by fabricating bricks, builing materials. compounds from these lifestyle devices. This project participates to the recycling round which can help reduce waste and over-consumption / over production that is participating in the ongoing and urgent climate change issues.

Alternatiba : https://alternatiba.eu/nantes/programme-alternatiba-nantes-2015/