ↄ⃝ NSA @ STWST48

Le 5 septembre 2015 à STWST, Linz (AT)

ↄ⃝ NSA : ↄ⃝ ritical Network Streaming Action
The installation ↄ⃝ NSA proposes a new listening interface for the information age and components of mass culture transmissions. Across which dozens of radio transmissions literally redrawn, re-arranged and randomly broadcast in space, the installation plays with the clichés from pop to information overloads that is prevalent in our society today.
This ensemble of cut-ups in flux will be transmitted across the public space in Linz creating a disorientation of sonic objects, whilst simultaneously being broadcast online where listeners can listen and comment on the result of the transformation of the audio datas.
The ↄ⃝ NSA also allows viewers to participate in the system with their mobilephones. The audience can select the different radio broadcasts processed by the ↄ⃝ NSA. They will also be able to manipulate certain parameters of the installation.

STWST48 is a Stadtwerkstatt project
Curation: Shu Lea Cheang and Franz Xaver

Convert yourself into E-waste, ferment yourself, chase honeybees for weather report, launch fungi to outerspace, send your mobile on a slow boat to China, set your electric sheep free range, grow your android plants, tune in to ghostradio, stream in the orchestra, piss off to compute, eat your data raw, read your pulse loud, make your own bed, make love to your tattoo, hand over your hangover, take a dip in the Danube, check into the underwater eel hotel, admits yourself to a world without compromise, a world in which dreams greet reality and technology is treated with great caution.

In 2015, Stadtwerkstatt, the nerve central of Linz’ free/open culture takes up “the nature of information” as matters of inquiry and launches information LAB to house its many ongoing information research projects. For Stadtwerkstatt who always presents a reference to the established system, an information laboratory is a challenge of the presence. While the world of natural sciences updates and releases information through logical conclusions, information LAB retrieves seemingly meaningless information data without seeking conclusive arguments. It is about the interplay between reality and information, about the observation of observation, taking in contingency randomness in the process of encoding unique information, looking deeper into concepts of decision-making and conclusion.