APO-33 – Carte Blanche à la Fabrique : Didier Casamitjana – Gong Bath

Percussionist with a contemporary training, he quickly headed torwards experimental music.

Joining many transversal projects in the performing arts, and credited for multitude of theater music: theater (musician – actor Stephane Braunschweig and Louis-Guy Paquette; musician – founding member of the Sound Theatre Annecy ..) Contemporary Dance (dancer – musician with Christian Trouillas, Karine Ponties Myriam Gourfink, Brigitte Dumez, Jean Marc Matos ..) He founded the collective wooshing machine – Brussels with the dancer Mauro Pacagnella. In music during three years he joined the Art Zoyd for cinema – live performances (musician – composer) and contemporary music projects for orchestra. He has played with Mimetic, APO33 Gilles Vignes, Carole Robinson, Socoja Isabelle, Thierry Madiot, etc .. and creates most parts for percussion for Kasper T.Toeplitz, with whom he plays since 1988./p>

Bain de gong / gong bath

Private seances by réservation + séances collectives

Friday 16 May & Saturday 17 May at 14:30 (solo) – 15:30 (collectives seances)

reservation: orga@apo33.org