Carole Douillard presente Hors

Carte blanche partagé FABRIQUE (Apo33 / Mire / trempolino) : Carole Douillard

Thursday 21 May /// Free /// Trempolino + Plateforme intermedia / La Fabrique

«”For this carte blanche, Carole Douillard, artist, presents Hors a performative experience she proposes to Benjamin Jarry, cellist, invited to deploy, in the specific area of the Platform intermedia two minimal sound forms. The joint work is discussed here as we would produce a sculpture, with the desire to to link separate elements (sound material corporeal, space, temporality). Carole Douillard and Benjamin Jarry leave their creative habits to meet at a point or relative to the contemplation brings them together. “»

-Program :

17:30 -> perf1 plateforme Intermedia
18:10 -> Fin perf
18:30 -> Discussion Trempo
19:30 -> Fin discussion
20:00 -> perf2 plateforme
20:40 -> fin perf