Music to Think - Web Radio for a Staycation

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For the long summer

A music-machine composer emits a continuum-flux of bell sounds that ring across large amounts of silence. Music to think was created for a domestic environment and a distant listening that permits thinking and connecting with our living spaces.


SUBtecture is an ensemble of varying configuration using diffusion and the combination of low sound frequencies and sub-bass as a temporal architectural structuring of space, audio-visual score and musical tool transformation of sound material and space perception.

SUBtecture attempts a fresh approach to acoustic configurations of places of diffusion or in unusual locations. A sound hypothesis, using acoustic and light which takes the form of an installation-concert without beginning or end, whose sole purpose is to uncover and return the sonic spatiality of a place.

The Project Subtecture is developed by APO33 with the participation of DICRéAM.

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