Training : Learn and master 3D printing chain

Learn and master the 3D printing chain

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the process of creating physical objects by superimposing different layers of material on the basis of a numerical model. All 3D printing processes require software tools, hardware and material. 3D printing allows you to make in 3 dimensions all the objects you want, almost as simply as you print in 2D on your desktop paper printer.

Discover, learn and master 3D printing and creation tools. This training enables us to understand the whole chain of printing-oriented 3D creation, from the conception of a virtual object in 3 dimensions to its reproduction in reality through the realization of a physical object.

Tout public intéressé pour apprendre la 3D, les artistes, étudiants en design, art ou autres.

-Learning and mastering 3D object design with specific software such as Openscad and Blender.
-Develop, conceptualize and create a 3D project and make it “printable”.
-Learn and master 3D printing tools (simple printing, double printing, object creation and printer maintenance).

Know how to use a computer and surf the internet and have an interest in the content of the training.

3D printer
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All our trainings can participate in a validation of your achievements in the framework of a VAE to obtain diplomas or to gain access to certain positions.
To do this we put in place several tools:
-Interactive quizzes
-Set-up and implementation test
-Training Evaluation Form

On the end training, you received a diplom individual of training who prove your knowledges acquisition during aprentissage.

Romain Papion, conceptor and 3D printing designer, specialized in construction of  musical instruments and sculpture.

LOCATION : Studio Apo33
17, rue Paul Bellamy (private yard) 44000 Nantes
(T2 50 otages – Stop bus Talensac)

DATE : 3 days training
From Monday 9th at Wednesday 11th December 2019
9h at 17h

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Training limited to 5 people, online booking