Hommage to Z’EV (Carte Blanche)

More than a poet or a musician, Z’Ev was an atypical character who was a major artist for more than 40 years for the international art and music scene. He was both a musician with invented instruments, sculptured of metal and skin, but also a force of nature. Whilst, one of the pillars of the industrial music, he was also humble and close to all. He lived three in Nantes from 2013 to 2016 and wanted to settle in this city after resolving his visa story.
Unfortunately he had a train accident in the United States that interrupted his life and plans, causing much suffering. He loved Nantes, was very much a part of the association Apo33 and the community of artists and musicians locally and wanted to settle here to continue his artistic research. He also wished to leave as a legacy his sculptures-percussion to Apo33 so that they would be taken care of and used “live” beyond himself.
Following his death, Apo33 wishes to pay homage to him by offering carte blanche to local and international artists gathered for the occasion in Nantes for two exceptional evenings in his memory.

Programme :

Orgone play Z’EV (Zorgone – Nantes)

Screening of Heart Beat Ear Drum, a film about Z’EV
by Ellen Zweig

Concert Hommage with :

Marinos Koutsomichalis (Gréce)
Kasper T. Toeplitz (Paris)
KK.Null (Tokyo)
TheNoiser (Nantes)
Jenny Pickett (Nantes
Eyeoeye Oeye (Italie) – (to be confirmed)

Plateforme Intermédia, free price, 8.30pm